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Ciabatta! Good work roomy. Thank God Tony didn't win.

Shcok G

And with Cooler's tall-boy in hand too. Purely sadistic.

Drud Report

Tony, you can only run insanely hot for so long. God knows, I've been there too.

Doesn't suprise me that the top two came from Table #3 -- a tough table last night.

Al, as always, impressive. You have my permission to take the summer off to spend time with family and friends back East.


Nice call on the tall-boy, G. I actually crushed the rest of it outside by my two-toned loaner Tercel. All class over here. Dogs, you played great, and First Lady, if you had picked up napkins instead of 1010 when I had the bullets you would have stuck around and continued to terrorize me.

Richie Rich

Must be the hat...


So tough


Congrats Al...must have been nice to pick up monster after monster at the final table


Cooler was back and I missed it? Damn me.


Happy Chanukah Al. As long as Cooler didn't win it, I'm fine. Cooler, next time don't take a man's last coors light. It will come back to haunt you, like this time. tip: if you bring a tall boy, drink your tall boy. boy.

upstairs was fun! downstairs was rough.... proud of you AL. Nice win!

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