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Congrats on the strong finish Ivan. It's good to see that unlike Tony Romo, you don't fumble when the pressure is on.

Much thanks to Jeff and Jennifer for running the best game in town and thanks to the King for hosting the Thursday finale. Hope to see all of you real soon.

Drud Report


Nice finish. I think it's an honor to be the last Thursday night winner.

Happy to have been a part of this thing the last 2 1/2 years (can't believe it's been that long for me). Good luck, all.


thanks to everyone for attending. It was a tough game all night long, especially once we got down to the final table. I could not have asked for a tougher task than to face al and slim in the top 3. Thank you once again to Jen & Jeff for running the show and to the King for hosting.

By the way, I too have a weekly game going, but it is limited to one table usually. The fun part is that in the summer I will be hosting a series of games that includes other forms of poker (Omaha, 7-stud, draw). Email me at the link below if you are interested in getting information.

It was an honor to be the last (for now) winner in the Tour. Had a great time, hope to see most of you soon.

Long live the Tour!!!


looks like the link did not go through. Here is my address:

[email protected]


Congrats Ivan!!

it was an honor being the first donkey knocked out specially by the lovely Mrs. Slim!!!

Slim - i was wating to make a horrible call and then suck out but unfortunately my time had expired!! hopefully i'll have that opportunity at the Smoke em!!!

Hope to see all the donkeys and a**holes there...for some you are both (Richie)

J&J once again thank you for all your hard work these past couple years



I think all of us wanted badly to win the last go at this iteration of 4th street... can only be one, though... big congrats Ivan...

Sincerely enjoyed having all of you at my place these years... spills and all... I designed the joint to max-enjoy life there, and you guys brought a lot fun through the doors (sometimes w/o opening them)...

and J&J, what can I say... you made it possible... nice memories... now, new life passages...


One race away from a repeat to close it out. So damn close. Congrats Ivan, look forward to the Smoke 'Em if it's the first week of June. If not, I see you guys sometime in the winter.


Thanks for setting up the google group, Jen... you're awesome!

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