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All good things...
Thanks to Jeff and Jennifer and all the people that have hosted "the game" over the years. It was always a $20 well spent. Count me in for the finale. Who's bringing the champagne?


4th Street is dead. Long live 4th Street!


Viva la 4th Street!



please sign me in for tonight
see you there


Paging Big Boss Man, D-Shuk, & the Poker Princess...

Scrubs: It's now or never!


I see ALL the nicknames are getting pulled out for this game. Very nice.


The final game and yes SCRUBS will be there!!!!!!! I know that must strike FEAR into the hearts of the 4th street gang, small pause will every one gets up off the floor from laughing, the tour has been very unique, Thank you J&J it has been so special from the nick names, Jen's little apple, the outstanding tournament direction, and all the nuance's that made the tour so unique. 4TH STREET IS DEAD LONG LIVE 4TH STREET POKER TOUR. Thursday will never be the same.


Thank you to everyone who made the tour a blast.

To keep the legendary tour alive... can we distribute or print out the list of email addresses so those who wish to host games in the future can contact the 4th St gang?

Please provide someway, somehow... I 'm down to host some one/two table games in the future.

Much love,

Tony Berns
[email protected]


I agree with tberns, I'm up for hosting/playing with you guys as well although I can't promise anything as good as 4th Street. I'm I'm easy to find through the link below this comment.


Well isn't this just the anti-tits...thanks to Jeff and Jenn and everyone who made Thursday nights so fun. That is, until I lose my chips prematurely, go back into the fridge, get my last remaining four beers, put them back into the six-pack sleeve, and take off.


just want to say I appreciate having been allowed to join your group every other game. Always had a great time, even when getting a bad beat handed to me by mad dog or suzie. I'm going to miss all of you: the ones who are better than everyone else and like to remind us of that, the ones who just want to see the next card... And somehow have more wins than the average 4spt player, and the ones who play just for the love of the game, or to hang out with friends. Thank you so much for having the endurance to keep this machine running for so long!

Long live the Tour!

Will Call

I am at a loss for words but it has been a great time and I am sure that any new format will be just as exciting. Jeff and Jen have put on a great game and look forward to relaxing games in the future. Thanks for your hard work.

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