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there's so much new stuff...it's like 4th street heaven!

Scooby Doo

i thought chopping wasn't allowed on 4th street


I hear those guys with two wins are the coolest, way cooler than having 12 wins. At least that's what I hear.

First Lady

There are a lot of long overdue Poker Corner article authors on this list...


Two win guys are the coolest but guys with 12 wins will suck on you so hardcore.

Drud Report

Should "The Most" become "The (Second) Most"?

Most, The


Preface: writer is shitfaced

Unfortunately I missed a filthy three-way all-in that had AA pitted against AA and Max had 88, as is his want. Gerrit was thrilled he had knocked out Schlosser; he made it a point to tell me to put THAT in the recap. I think knocking out the author of "Short-Stacking and Other Things" thrilled G-Ritt to the point that he got way too comfortable with caraappy hands and played himself out of the tournament. TitALlated had the other AA, lurking. A beast early at this tabe, Shock-G finished on the bubb, 5th.

First lady: 7th. Her QQ was bested by the whiny hater Justin Williams, otherwise known as 'The Bookie'. He had a lower pair that tripped up and he was heard complaining about it afterward. She finished 8th. Oh, Max finished 7th.

The Cooler busted 6th in a hand I either missed or don't recall. I was able to track him down after the game and we had a few words:

M,T: Where were you on the night of June 9th, 2004?
KH: I was there for the first game on June 9th, 2004.

M,T: Did you learn poker as a boy in the wilderness from a pack of roving wolves?
KH: I actually learned from watching the WPT a lot and then started playing when I went to Vegas in January

M,T: I heard you bought a swimsuit calender recently. Who was the featured model?
KH:Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu

M,T: Would you go all-in on a board of AAK, holding only AhKh?
KH:Depends on the situation - suited connectors and pocket pairs are always good

M,T: A lot of people say you know how to flush. When you drop the deuce, it's almost always a straight turd, and it goes down quick. What's your best bathroom moment of all time?
KH:The straight flush I'm showing off in the Game #11 photo album

M,T: As for your controversial sex life, what's the biggest drawback?
KH: Charles, because he always spreads his legs out and gives me no room

M,T: Why do you think you're the best?
KH:I won the biggest pot in 4SPT history!

M,T: Finally, with all your accolades and accomplishments, what would you say is your greatest achievement of all time?
KH: I took a picture with Shana Hiatt.


Fortunately for Silky Smooth Nuts Jeff not Jeff he took a lap of the chile cheese soup fries I brought back. The nutrients he found in the soup must have propelled him to a third place finish. The hater Williams, always a pleasure at the table, redeemed his soul when he either moved or called all-in with the 3c5c against the Jeff's silky smooth KsQs. The KahQua held up, of course, and The Bookie was toast. He and I shared a cigarette on the patio, and Gallant bested my Goofus when he suggested we move down the stairs on account of the neighbors...Bookie finished 4th, with more than he expected. Apparently last night the pot was actually longed by $20 or so.

Marco, sweet Marco. He ruined Shock-G early and hosed Milesky in a hooge, painstakingly deliberated pot with a river Ace against Shifty Al's KK. Those two hands (along with what proved to be his third win of the night with AK vs. 77 against Jeff not Silky Smooth Jeff Nuts) propelled a focused and ready Marco the Machine to his third Vick.

Holsey had picked Marco to win it; of course, I pledge allegiance to the United Heim of Nasch, so my faith rested with Milesky. Too bad he picked up the 8-deuce one too many times. Heads-up play lasted only two hands. Marco had appx. 50 grr to TitAllating's 15 grr, so it would have been a lonely, mud-caked road, but the 8-deuce broheim?

Congrats to Marco, he played like a champion.

Bye Asians!


If there is a more entertaining expression than shitfaced I haven't seen it.

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