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The Lanky Guy

Attaboy Vaughn. Give out but don't give up.

Better yet, don't even give out. Molon lave!


vaughn's out, just as i walked up to his table. he was all in with pocket 3s and got called by A-Q with the guy hitting queen on river.

congrats to vaughn though for a great run over the past 4 days.


Congrats Vaughn on a great run and some quality TV time. The 38 gs must be nice too.


everything that you read or hear at this point must seem like an awful cliche, but for what it's worth my sincere congrats on an amazing run.


What a freakin' run.

Simply amazing.



Hachem got knocked out at 238th. Must feel great knowing that you loosened the jar.

Great run and great coverage.


Way to go Vaughn. This just further illustrates how impossible this tournament is. You've got your bankroll back, keep wreaking havoc on the poker world. Possibly starting with the Legends of Poker at The Bike this month?


$38K not as much as a mil or two... but the tax bracket more comfortable... you gave us a lot of fun Vaughn... thanks...


Congrats on a great run.

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