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Mike "Drud Report"

Impressive win, man. You called it out early yesterday on this site and you followed through. Congrats on your first...


nice- way to win it. i guess you were the guy that posted all those guarantees.

i don't hug

Richie Rich

Nice job, Gerrit. Way to bounce back from that tough beat and not let it affect your game. True emotional control!


so now it's DEFINITELY true what they say, anyone can win!

Mr. Pick

I am "shocked." Way to go homes!


homes? lol! its fuckin HOLMES you chauncey.


Rock On G Man! Congrats..


Good Job, G. You played well on that final table and come back from that sick beat.


After hearing the grumblings for so long, I came to the conclusion that I must comment on them. Many of you know me as a drunken rambling jerkoff who distracts and insults everyone and anyone at the table with no restraint or respect. Touche. But, in fact, I am actually an astute observer and recorder of minutiae with a passion and thirst for knowledge that is surpassed only by my thirst for alcohol, thereby preventing me from actually using any new information I might glean during my time at the table.

Friends and enemies, what I have observed is that the man you know as Richie Rich is actually not so much a luckbox as he is, by no small measure, the most talented and focused poker player on the 4SPT. Now, it should be noted that having too much focus is just another way of saying that you are playing too tight. And when you rearrange the letters in talent you get lentil, surely an overrated soup if there ever was one. Yes, brethren, you guessed it: What I am trying to say is that our colleague Rich has found what world renowned Buddhists and Hindus like Dr. Phil and Jeremy Piven call "a healthy medium".

My suspicions were confirmed last week, many times over, when I saw Richie doing things at the table that I have always known were possible, but never had the chutzpah to even attempt. For instance, when misdealt a strong card that is exposed for everyone to see and THINK ABOUT, Juliano twice made healthy preflop raises. Sure, he might have had AK after the ace was misdealt, but did he really? Probably not. It's more than likely that Rich was simply playing the collective subconsciousness of the table, something he has consistently done better and more often than anyone who plays on thursday nights.

The ace was exposed; it was mucked. However, when you raise in that situation, people will still, to a certain degree, associate that ace with you. Would this guy really try to make a move after he lost such a strong card? Did losing the ace pair his other card? Wow, he really must have a hand now- no one would think he could get away with a move like that! And so on and so forth.

Now, so many of us are so c-a-r-e-f-u-l at the poker table that we never stop to think that it really doesn't matter what cards we hold. All that matters is whether or not the other guy has the cards to call. It's all about people, people, and Richie knows many of you better than you know yourself, myself included. He, like many other fine 4SPT players, bides his time and waits for his window. He just happens to be better at it than the rest of us, evidenced by his results.

Now, many of you will take this as yet another post by the obnoxious, immature redhead who always fucking yells and laughs at the final table when I'm like in the big blind with Q10 I wish he would just shut up what the fuck he's not even playing why doesn't jeff tell him to shut up WAHT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!! Actually, this post is a call to arms! Let us rise up and destroy Richie Rich! Who is he to play us like fiddles! Start raising with 36 off when Keith is in the big blind and he smiles and scratches his left earlobe. He's got rags! Fold your AJ when Charles calls UTG and gets up for a beer. He's got aces! Let us make a collective effort to raise the already stratospheric level of play on the 4SPT.

Now, I realize Garrett(sp.) won last week and he should be congratulated, as he had some tough hands and came back from a dwindling stack against some solid payers. However, as they say, the guy who finished 4th or 6th or 13th was the guy who WOULD have won had he not taken that tough beat. So let's all put on our Breeder's Cup visors, ignore the massive influx of kitschy soccer commercials and start playing back at Richie Rich and the rest of these pricks that have been killing us for the last year because odds are, they're playing you.

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