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I'm in... and mr. bartender put me down for a nice tall, cold... water.

First Lady

I'm not falling for Vonnnn Sannnndmannnn's ploy to get us all liquored up so he wins again. Nice try, buddy, but it'll be water for me.

The Rookie

wow free beer. Now if it was free Vodka that would really impress. Sorry to say that JackNine and The Rookie will not make an appearance at this tour stop. Love the Castle, but we busy. Cya next round!

The Cooler

Deal me in...and bud light is always a good choice.

The Canadian Mint

A sad farewell to the Montreal Expos - the worst idea for a franchise ever. The Mint is expecting a strong CND dollar rebound from the news.

Von Sandman

Count me in. Also, since I do no want to leave anyone out...if there are non-drinkers who would prefer to shoot smack, please indiciate in your RSVP if you prefer black tar, Afghani or any other particular brand of H. Bring your own gear, though--it's a health thing. This is okay, Richard, yes?

Seattle Slew

I'm in and planning on another big finish... just going to try and play good this time instead of getting lucky on the River again, ... twice! Sorry about last week six flags and cooler!


The worst player on the tour is in. Also, I'm quitting drinking. Well, maybe I'll have a handful of Bud Lights.

Chad "2-Chip"

Chad and Susan are in, but it better be better than last week... I haven't had such a bad experience with four queens since the days of turning tricks on Santa Monica Blvd.


I'll be there! Thanks Von


Miller Lite and Black tar

Big Papa

I shall play this week ... I would like Corona. Don't forget the lime money bags!!



I'm down to donate more money to the pot... As for beer, you can't go wrong with Newcastle!


Mind if I join you guys? I'm a friend of Rich and Kalon's.

I will come bearing gifts :)


sorry i missed ya guys last week. totally in for this week. dbc.


No Whammy's No Whammy's No Whammy's STOP!


I'm in, and I'll drink anything.

axel "kid chico"

look forward to playing again.


I'm all in, just like my ONE hand the last time I played :P


I'm a friend of Kalon's and Rich's. I hear that this is the game to be at. Thanks for the open invitation, and see you tonight.


I'm down with Kalon's crew... Thanks for the invite. I like beer :)


I'll give it a go.

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