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Big Papa

Great Job Ladies! Way to stick it to the pros! I'll be a little more hesitant to raise either of you on Thursday night. Also, awesome re-cap Jeff, way to the the 4spt out there.


yes very good job ladies. eventho i felt like a highschool kid trying to sneak a peak into a strip club it was so fun and excited and I wasn't even playing! Saw sooo many poker pros. and got the picture with the lovely Miss Hiatt!!!


Thanks for all your support! It was so much fun and I'm glad you all encouraged me to do it.

John Petro

Good job ladies. Carrie, I feel your pain... I was knocked out with AA last Thursday, and it's not fun.

Kristen McDonnell

Jeff - Excellent re-cap! I've never played poker for money, but even I can totally follow your play-by-plays. Most importantly, your writing style makes the excitement palpable!

Jenn - Never thought I'd beam with joy and pride for you over poker experiences, but you've branched out and thrown yourself into something totally unexpected! Congrats!


I had a blast! FYI the lady that took me out "Poker Babe" placed 16th in the tourney.

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