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Mike "Drud Report"

Although I loved this sentence, "And when you rearrange the letters in talent you get lentil, surely an overrated soup if there ever was one," talent does not in any way convert to lentil. Lental, maybe. And that's just gibberish...


Phenomenal interpretation. And by the way, he is exactly right about me getting a beer. I used to (as of this article) leave the table whenever I had an atomic hand. Awesome El Bear.

The Cooler

yes...please raise my big blind with 36o.


It's madness, MADNESS, I tell you! ...but it just might be crazy enough to work.

Richie Rich

Bring it.

Drud, he obviously meant "tillen" and not "talent." And we all know that "tillen" is a variation of "tollen," the Middle English form of "toll" (like tolling a bell), which is a homonym of "toll," which we understand as a tax, which is what Richie does if you want to play against his 62o. that was pretty obvious, wasn't it? no need to chastise the man for a simple typographical error.


Eliot, maybe you should just ask Richie out for a date?


name change request:
Drud Report--------Captain Obvious?

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